To make your reservation, contact us by whatsapp & cell phone (+55 21 99989-6900) or email, requesting a quote for a day charter, multi-day trip or Sailing Lessons.

Inform the date and the number of people and we will soon send quotation with all the information necessary to make the reservation.

After crediting the reservation deposit, we will send you an email or message via whatsapp confirming the reservation with all the access information to Marina da Glória.

Payments in Brazil:

PIX, deposit or bank transfer. We also accept major credit cards.

Payments from abroad:

Payments from abroad can be made through PayPal, even without having an account there. We'll send you an email invoice with online payment options, including your credit card. Valid option for payments in Brazil as well.


Upon booking, 50% of the charter fee is due, which will be refunded should the Skipper decide not to sail out. The balance of the charter fee is due when you board the Yacht. In case the customer decides to cancel the tour the day before or in the scheduled day, the down payment will not be refunded. We have credit card machine on board. 5% surcharge for payments by credit card or via Paypal.