Sailing Course

Individual or group sailing for learning or improving the art of sailing navigation. Weather concepts, teamwork, shipboard living and sailing practice covering the following topics:

• Nomenclature: sails, ropes, cables and devices.
• Nautical sailing nomenclature - windward / leeward, etc.

• Theory - wind direction, size, shape and sail tunning.

• Maneuvers - hoisting / lowering sails, tack, jibe, reefs (reduced sail area), etc.

• Most used knots.

• Sailing with spinnaker and "pigeon wing".

• Basic Navigation - compass and GPS.

• Safety on board - man overboard maneuvers (MOB).

• Safe anchorage.

We provide a handout with all course matters.

Contact for further information .

sailing lessons
sailing lessons
sail experience
sail experience
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