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Sergio de Garcia

portuguese, english, french and spanish.

Sergio de Garcia, started sailing at 10 years of age in the monotypes Pinguin and Snipe. At eighteen acquired his first Terra Firme, a Toninha 21 feet. A wooden sailboat with fixed torpedo keel. She had a small cabin and watertight cockpit. At the time was called "Ocean Dwarf", designed and built by Fischer, a german builder living in Brazil. Thereafter followed other sailboats:


Toninha           21 ft       3 years

One Design    25 ft       2 years

Atoll                 23 ft       2 years

Dufour             27 ft     13 years

Fast 303          30 ft       2 years

Fast 345          35 ft     12 years

Peterson 33     33 ft      6 years

In 1976, crossed the South Atlantic from Rio to Cape Town aboard the yacht Undine, 39 feet, with South African flag. During same year, sailed the French Mediterranean costal area on several yachts of varying sizes.


Through the years, he has continued cruising for more than 50 years, acquiring extensive sailing experience.


His experience is available for you.


Dufour 27 pés

Toninha 2.jpg

Toninha 21 pés

Toninha 3.jpg

Travessia Rio - Cape Town

Fast 303


Fast 345


Peterson 33 pés