We share the nautical universe and nature with our customers. The biggest reward we receive is the smile and the happiness in their faces, because we do what we love.


Sailing is necessary!


In the last seven years (dec 2013 to dec 2019) more than 700 customers were very happy and pleased to sail with us. Because our relationship on board provides your integration with nature, the nautical universe and sailing. Our long experience brings the requiered confidence to safe sailing, fun and exciting. See some testimonials from those who have sailed with us:

Tours in Rio de Janeiro:

Dear Sergio,

We would like to greatly thank our delightful sailing yesterday. The boat, the talks, the whole experience was very pleasent. We will surely be back with a couple of friends. I wish you my best and super New Year to you!!!

Mateus Solano & Paula Braun



Thanks for the beatiful images and the wonderful sailing.The fish was delicious! It was very worthwhile.


Big hug!


Elcion Missau & Family

Even having sailed a lot in the past, was a unique experience see the landscape of Rio from the sea. Congratulations for the Yacht and crew. Great sailing!

Marcio & Lara Esteves

It’s wonderful to be in Rio, but know the beaches and the Guanabara Bay sailing with Terra Firme Rio is awesome! An unforgettable day!


Fernanda Souza Lima Esteves

I recommend everyone who wants to see the City from a different perspective. Besides the unforgettable tour, the boat is very nice, comfortable and very well mantained. The pleasant company of Sergio fulfills the sailing.


Luiz Gustavo Costa

Sailing in open sea to Cagarras Islands with Luiz Gustavo Costa, Samantha Braga & Rodrigo Cunha

Great tip to get away from city stress.

A day sailing to Cagarras Islands
was very worthwhile.


Fernando Ramos


The tour was great, the crew attention incomparable. We recommend to everyone who wants to see Ipanema and Copa from another angle. We’ll come back!


Rogério, Lilian Horta & Family.

Great sailing! Congrats to the crew for their professionalism, promptness and dedication. The yacht is very comfortable, safe and well maintained. We're planning on repeating.


Gabriel & Renata Rocha with Paulo Gustavo de Almeida

Delicious sailing with good wind and total safety. The swimming break at Cagarras Islands was excellent. Spotless and clear water! I recommend the Yacht Terra Firme and her crew that was very kind and helpful providing an unforgettable experience. Thank you very much.


Vicente Neto


Sailing in the open sea with Vicente Neto & Family.

Sergio, I loved the talks and stories! It was a wonderful tour. We got into direct contact with nature safely. Congrats for the care and attention you had with us. Thank you for the photos and for providing a trip that will take forever in memory! Kirill realized his dream of sailing in great style.

Eloiza Mota & Kirill


Thank you very much Sergio, we had an unforgettable day aboard the Yacht Terra Firme.


Carol Proner & Family

Sergio, we greatly appreciate the sailing experience, affection and attention that you gave us. Big hug to you. Good winds to TERRA FIRME Rio!!! Hope to see you again soon.


Lydia Espíndola & Family

Sergio, it was great day and a wonderful sailing. Happy new year for you!


Benoit Fournier & Family

Sergio, good day!
It was a pleasure to sail with you, we love it !! The day was amazing and your company wonderful! We will definitely want to sail again, because is was really worth it and our day was wonderful!
Thanks again,

Andressa Pazzini


It was very nice and pleasant day. Thanks a lot!
Thanks for the photos.

Danilo Macarini

Dear Sergio,

We appreciate the friendliness and professionalism! We felt very safe, was an unforgettable day! The pictures were beautiful, congratulations!
Thanks again and see you soon!

Karina Ceccon


An unforgettable day, thank you for the wonderful sailing.

Gabriela & Sebastian

Hi Sergio, good morning!!!
First I do thank you for all the attention from the beginning of our contact.
The tour itself was amazing, super relaxing and beautiful too!
You have been a great partnership, that made our sailing wonderful. I was very happy to meet you! Thanks for everything, we will send you the pictures.

Luciana Morrissy

Sergio, thank you!
Great day, great company, it was very good! We will come back for sure!
Big hug, thank you very much. You guys have a super positive energy!!

Murilo Lule & Carol